Porn Roads and Darkness

Yesterday started off rough. After hearing he love of my life was nothing more than a two dollar slut from Poland I went on an adventure with my porn friend. Fuck that was a mistake. But I think all this is happening for a reason. Right before my birthday I did ask my brother to help me see the light. To help just guide me in the right direction. And I know as weird as it might sound but I believe that’s what’s happening to me. Everything that was bad in my life is now being filtered out. So I take this in stride and will just move on. Plus being on a porn set really just makes you feel creepy lol not for me at all. Glad I was fortunate enough to not listen to those demons. Some people love that attention but I leave it for them +

We got to make it alone +

Sometimes we think irrationally and leave it all on the table. At the time when we react to those moments that sounded like an epic idea in our heads . The kind of idea that leaves you feeling uplifted and sheltered at the same damn time. As we grow wiser we slowly realize those times are frozen. Left there in the midst to think about for years to come. No one wants to be hated or left behind. Dreams aren’t meant to be empty. Hope is the key to being normal. Hope uplifts you when you think all is lost. It’s the difference between being alive and dead. No one knows what it’s like to be perfect and in that time of thinking your not perfect you miss out on the perfect moments of just being yourself. Good night internet as journals is the perfect place to be imperfect +